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The Walker has a small footprint designed to get into and out of tight places.


The Walker immediately goes where you tell it to with little effort thanks to the precise combination of finger-tip steering and the cruise control function of the Forward Speed Control.


Trimming with a Walker is fast, easy, and accurate. With its out-front deck position, trimming up close is effortless.


The low profile, front-mount deck on the Walker allows operators to trim underneath low hanging trees, split rail fence and other landscape features.


Compromise in any discipline greatly reduces the agility of a mower. For Walker, compromise simply is not an option.


The well-balanced Walker moves efficiently on flat ground and hills. Operator position, balanced weight distribution, and a low center of gravity set the Walker apart.


The operator has a complete view of the mower deck and the grass surrounding it.This unrestricted operator view not only makes for comfortable, safe operation; it also enables a beautiful cut.

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